Those We Love

Symphonic Poems by Stuart Reblin


The Colors of Life 

Symphonic Poems by Stuart Reblin

O Israel

A Nation Born In A Day   

Symphonic Poems by Stuart Reblin

SYMPHONIC POEM: A musical work for orchestra inspired by an extramusical story or idea to which the title typically refers. It evolved from the concert Overture - an overture not attached to an opera or play yet suggestive of a literary or natural sequence of events. Franz List, who coined the term, wrote 13 such works. Famous symphonic poems include Claude Debussy's Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun (1894), Richard Strauss's Don Quixote (1897), and Jean Sibelius's Finlandia ​(1900)."  Stuart Reblin has created a unique blend of Romantic, Contemporary, and Classical music in: Sentiments; O Israel; and Remembrance.

​​Symphonic Poems features the works of pianist and composer, Stuart Reblin.  His three instrumental CDs, Sentiments; O Israel; and Remembrance, contain original compositions written for piano and orchestra. The most recent work of Stuart Reblin, Remembrance, was released June 2014. These songs of remembrance are dedicated to "Those we love, those we've lost, and those who make life worth living." While each album has its own unique style and theme, each presents a story-line through soothing music with inspirational melodies that blend a Classical music style with Romantic and Contemporary in symphonic arrangements. The complete works of Stuart Reblin are displayed below and  Albums Tab.


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Stuart Reblin

Symphonic Poems by Stuart Reblin

Remembrance - Those We Love was selected as a finalist in the 2014 Great America Song Contest. The International  Contest was represented by over 1600 song writers from 44 countries. The panel of judges had the following comments:

"Each of these songs is impressive in its own way. You have a gift for effortlessly creating stirring emotionality with your music. The moving melodic phrasing and layered orchestration impart a wistful mood and the enchanting piano styling comes across beautifully. Simple, yet eloquent...the arrangements are well-crafted and demonstrate your competence as a composer. You are a very gifted composer...keep writing."